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Here we hope to give you lots of advice relating to early stage reading, particularly during the Key Stage 1 Maths, English and Science stages and Key Stage 2 Maths, English and Science stages.

Literacy activities are incredibly important and the earlier parents get on board with these activities the better the chance the child has of excelling in this subject. Childrens early learning activities are crucial to shape their reading style and promote enthusiasm for reading. Parents who fully understand their educational literacy activities, embrace those activities and fully promote literacy activities at home will help their child get the most out of the educational process as a whole. Although learning at school will provide a strong base for learning, it is really important a child's home life also provides plenty of support and opportunity for practice.

Here are a few Q&A's relating to Key Stage 1&2 English:

What is Key Stage One English?

This is one of the first official introductions to English your child will have, where they will learn the very basics of the English language, reading and writing.
Your child will learn Key Stage One English between the ages of 5 and 7 and build on the skills they have learnt at reception. The eduction at this stage focuses on developing handwriting skills, vocabulary and complexity of writing and ability to enjoy more complex reading tasks.

What is Key Stage Two English?

Key Stage Two English is where your child will learn English in much more depth. They will explore more complicated texts and learn how to not only understand them, but analyze and discuss them, understanding the various different meanings the texts can have. They also learn how to construct text for others to read and speak, learning how to adapt their text to different audiences. A child learns Key Stage Two English between the age of 7 and 11 and the end of this stage involves a national exam which will dictate which level English group they go into when they move up to secondary school.

What comes before Key Stage 1&2 English?

Your child will attend reception where they will have access to the very early basics of English. There is a big emphasis on parent involvement at this stage and introduction to basic English skills can be incorporated into play at home, allowing your child to gain a basic understanding of the English language in these very early stages.

For a fun interactive KS1 English Literacy Activity please visit the following link; www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/ks1/literacy/spelling/play

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